If your tongue and tummy craves today for something spicy, yummy and delicious at the same time, all you need to do is strike some best Indian Chaat restaurant in Crows Nest. If you are thinking why then it is best to believe us because the authenticity, flavors, aroma and boost of Indian spices comes in perfection here.

Even if your car turns towards a hi-end but best fine dining Indian restaurant in Sydney, assure and brace up yourself to hog into the plate full of delicacies. Looking forward what to eat and present to your guests to have a gala dinner time? Well, scroll down to find the best amidst all the other delicious dishes.

1. All-time favorite Chickpea Curry: Ever heard about Chhole Bhatura or Chhole rice? If it is yes, consider yourself lucky. Chickpea or Chhole are love of every Indian as well as all those who have tasted it even once. Cooked in tomato and onion gravy, the boiled chickpeas are added into them with aromatic spices like cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, red chilli and more. Topped with some lemon juice, the chickpea curry is just yummy, to name in one word. Even most of the Indian takeaway menu has this dish in its list. So, do not miss and drop by for this love.

2. Butter Paneer and Tandoori Naan: Indians have always an added love for paneer or cottage cheese since a long time. Mixed and heated in delicious soft cashew gravy, when paneer chunks swim in, the taste is just amazing. When you combine it with soft tandoori naan, you surely do not want to try anything else again.

3. Crispy Papdi Chaat: Chaat is a famous food attire of North Indian snack. Yes, and Indian chaat restaurant in Crows Nest have all kinds of Papdi chaat options. Having addition of chickpeas, curd, ‘chutneys’ or a combo of all of them on your papdi is lip smacking, indeed. You can also ask for ‘Aaloo’ tikki and all the toppings while not forgetting to taste all the distinct food. And if you have already liked it, why not to try local Panipuri, Bhelpuri or Sevpuri?

4. Aromatic Dum Biryani: Rice has a lovely connection to India, especially South of the country. And here is from where Dum Biryani has taken its ‘avatar’. As you step in best fine dining Indian restaurant in Sydney, make sure you order it. This beautiful spiced up rice is cooked in big utensil while being covered with dough to create steam. This steam takes time to cook longer than needed but slow cooked rice is just brilliant. If you learn the recipe and prepare it for your special dinner occasion, be ready to collect all the wows.

5. Tadka Lentils/Daal: All those who wish to keep it simple but lovely, Tadka Daal are their favorite. Boiled variety of lentils, prepared in mixed or singular manner, are given masala ‘tadka’ from above. While you can combine it with chapati or plain white rice, get ready to taste it with extra dose of ghee from the top.

We believe these dishes will make your relations better at one end and of course the taste buds at another. Cook them by yourself or just seek through Indian takeaway menu, your feast will be altogether palatable.

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