India has been home to people of diverse backgrounds and culture and so are their tastes; unique. Indian cuisine is famous for the variety of flavours it offers, which is why not only Indians living abroad but the people who hail from different countries order Indian food online to enjoy a scrumptious meal. It is no wonder that Indian cuisine has managed to find a spot for itself in the “Most Ordered” list of food items across the globe. Cities like London, New York, Abu Dhabi, and Moscow etc are home to some of the best rated Indian restaurant. When on foreign land, just search for Indian food catering near me and you will come across a great place to enjoy Indian food for sure.

History of Indian Cuisine

Indian food made its entry into the global picture during the times of British Raj. During the 1800s, the British took their adopted practices to back to their homeland. It is said, that the Queen of England was so impressed with Indian curries that she wanted curries to be made in the royal palace every day. With more than 10,000 best rated Indian restaurants in England today, English people are served Indian dishes that they just can’t resist. Not to forget, Chicken Tikka Masala is named to be the national dish of England alongside Fish and Chips.

Recipes from every corner

Indian food is not about a single state, but the language, cooking style and customs, use of spices etc change every few hundred kilometres. Every region in India has recipes for dishes that are passed down to people through generations. Every cuisine holds ground with a unique blend of local herbs, spices and vegetables that not only reflect the geographical speciality but the distinct taste of the region. The beauty of Indian food is that it keeps the people united. People who are living in north India love eating dosa, idlis and uttapams and on the other hand people living in south India order Indian food online and order for their favourite north Indian dishes like Paneer Tikka etc.

Food: The Root to Happiness

Happiness and food are so closely connected, from the immense pleasure of cooking to eating your favourite dishes that remind you of your mother’s recipes. Food can bring change in brain chemistry that can change anyone’s mood. There are many who become miserable in front of their favourite food items. Indian marriages whether in India or abroad are a celebration of culture and food is an integral part of our culture. There are many NRIs who search for Indian food catering near me to get that authentic Indian taste.

Eating can bring great sensual pleasures in life, enjoying a juicy steak or diving into a delicious bowl of biryani can prove to be a real joy and sometimes eating your favourite meal can make your life seem worthwhile. Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad face pouring of students from nearby regions for higher studies. Being away from their homes makes them feel alone and depressed; they seek ecstasy in their meals. All they do is order Indian food online from the best rated Indian restaurants or search for Indian food catering near me online and relish their meals.

Happiness is the term that may be different to everyone, however, some way or the other food is related to happy occasions. Be it a birthday, marriages, promotions, meeting your loved ones or any other happy occasion, we love feeding our loved ones with their favourite snack or food.

Food is a fundamental part of our life and therefore makes everyone happy. It is a shift from a fast, irritating routine life to a healthy happy one.

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