Entrees / Shuruaat

Vegetable Samosa (2 pcs) (G)
Sautéed vegetables tossed with spices, rolled in triangular pastries.
Pickup $7.90 | Delivery: $10.90
Seekh Kebab (Lamb) (4 pcs)
Delicately flavored lamb mince skewered and grilled in a clay oven.
Pickup $14.90 | Delivery: $16.90
Palak Ke Kebab (4 pcs) (G)
Succulent garden-fresh young spinach and roasted lentil patties flavoured with spices and grilled on a hotplate.
Pickup $12.90 | Delivery: $14.90
Paneer Tikka Achari (Fat Free) (D)
Healthy and delicious char-grilled cottage cheese cubes marinated fenugreek-flavoured yoghurt.
Pickup $14.90 | Delivery: $16.90
Murgh Malai Tikka (N) (D)
(Chef's Recommendation) Tender chicken fillet marinated in yoghurt and cashew nut paste and barbecued gently.
Pickup $14.90 | Delivery: $16.90
Tandoori Chicken (Half Chicken)
An all-time favourite: chicken pieces marinated in lemon juice and special tandoori spices and chargrilled to perfection.
Pickup $16.90 | Delivery: $18.90
Adraki Lamb Chops (2 Pcs)
Aromatic lamb chops marinated overnight with fresh ginger, spices and barbecued in the tandoor oven.
Pickup $15.90 | Delivery: $17.90
Mixed Platter (Min. 2 Serves) (D) (N)
Consists of onion bhaji, palak ke kebab, murgh malai tikka and seekh kebab.
Pickup $28.90 | Delivery: $32.90
Chicken 65 (D)
South Indian speciality sautéed with mustard seeds, curry leaves & coconut cream.
Pickup $16.90 | Delivery: $18.90
Pepper Prawns (Lamb) (4 pcs)
Prawns sauteed in pepper and curry leaf and hand tossed sun-dried spices.
Pickup $14.90 | Delivery: $16.90
Onion Bhaji (4 Pcs) (G)
Onion fritters with gram flour, chilli and garlic.
Pickup $7.90 | Delivery: $11.90

Main Courses

Goat Curry (Punjabi Style) (Med)
Delicious, slow cooked goat curry prepared with aromatic spices.
Pickup: $22.90 | Delivery: $26.90
Rogan Josh (Traditional North Indian) (Med)
Diced lamb slow blended with intense aromatic spices.
Pickup: $22.90 | Delivery: $26.90
Handi Korma (Lamb/Beef) (Mild) (D) (N)
Tender diced lamb/ beef slow cooked in a rich cashew nut sauce.
Pickup: $22.90 | Delivery: $26.90
Vindaloo (Chicken/Lamb/Beef/Goat) (Hot)
Hot and spicy curry with a touch of vinegar. A regional specialty from goa.
Pickup: $22.90 | Delivery: $26.90
Chicken Tikka Masala (D) (N)
Mouth-watering chargrilled chicken in a creamy tomato and coriander sauce.
Pickup: $22.90 | Delivery: $26.90
Pepper Balti Beef
Tender pieces of beef cooked in an ethnic Punjabi with touch of pepper.
Pickup: $22.90 | Delivery: $26.90
Palak (Chicken/Lamb/Beef/Goat) (Med) (D)
Tender pieces of meat of your choice combined with garden fresh spinach and simmered in a spiced tomato and onion sauce. A North Indian delicacy.
Pickup: $22.90 | Delivery: $26.90
Murg Laziz Korma (Mild) (D) (N)
(Royal Indian Style) Chicken breast fillet simmered in mild cream sauce, garnished with cashew nut, cardamom, fennel, white pepper & saffron.
Pickup: $22.90 | Delivery: $26.90
Butter Chicken (Mild) (D) (N)
Chargrilled chicken in a mild, creamy sauce combining tomatoes, honey and cashew nuts.
Pickup: $22.90 | Delivery: $26.90
Mango Chicken (Mild) (D)
Chicken fillet cooked with mango pulp, cream & sautéed with mild spices.
Pickup: $22.90 | Delivery: $26.90
Chicken Chettinad (South Indian)
Peppery chicken cooked in South Indian spices.
Pickup: $22.90 | Delivery: $26.90

Specialty Of The House

Junglee Chicken (Cholesterol Free) (Med)
Ancient style on the bone chicken cooked in mustard oil and whole spices.
Pickup: $22.90 | Delivery: $26.90
Shiraz Balti Pepper Lamb (Med/Hot)
Tender diced lamb blended with red wine and spices of Royal origin.
Pickup: $24.90 | Delivery: $28.90
Bombay Beef For Mild Curry Lovers
South Indian style sautéed with curry leaves, coconut cream & chef special spices.
Pickup: $22.90 | Delivery: $26.90


Kerala Prawn Curry (South Indian) (Mild) (D)
Rich and delicious curry with King prawns slow cooked in coconut milk and special spices.
Pickup: $24.90 | Delivery: $28.90
Goan Fish (Specialty of The House) (Med) (D)
Traditional fish fillet curry cooked with coconut and tamarind seeds. A Goan specialty.
Pickup: $24.90 | Delivery: $28.90
Pepper Garlic Prawn Masala (Med)
Fresh garlic flavoured prawns cooked in a medium-spiced sauce with black pepper, tomatoes, green chili and fresh ginger.
Pickup: $24.90 | Delivery: $28.90

Chaat ~ Bombay Ki Sadko Se

Papri Chaat-Palak
Most popular chaat dishes, combining lightly fried battered spinach, combined with potatoes and chickpeas in a refreshing yogurt sauce.
Pickup: $12.90 | Delivery: $14.90
Gol Goppa
Delicious crispy mini-sized pooris (hollow bread shells) filled with potatoes and chole (spicy chickpeas) served with spiced water.
Pickup: $9.90 | Delivery: $11.90
Pani Puri Chaat
Tasty mini crispy mini-sized pooris (hollow bread shells) with spicy mint, diced potatoes, bean and tamarind sauce.
Pickup: $10.90 | Delivery: $12.90
Samosa Chole Chaat
Vegetable fried samosa topped with chickpeas and garnished with spicy chaat yogurt and tamarind juice.
Pickup: $10.90 | Delivery: $12.90

South Indian Corner - Dosa

Thick round pancake topped with tomatoes, onion, capsicum and green chillies.
Pickup: $15.90 | Delivery: $17.90
Paneer Dosa
Rice and lentil pancake filled with homemade cottage cheese & spices (fat free).
Pickup: $20.90 | Delivery: $22.90
Keema Dosa
Thin, golden brown crisp pancake filled with special lamb keema, popular South Indian dosa.
Pickup: $22.90 | Delivery: $24.90
Masala Dosa
Thin, golden brown crisp pancake filled with spiced potatoes.
Pickup: $18.90 | Delivery: $20.90
Plain Dosa
A thin crisp, golden brown pancake.
Pickup: $15.90 | Delivery: $17.90


Daal Makhni (Mild) (D)
Hailing from the North Western frontier, this black lentil specialty is slow cooked overnight in the tandoor oven with a creamy tomato sauce.
Pickup: $15.90 | Delivery: $18.90
Dal Tadka (Punjabi Style) (Med)
Yellow lentils simmered with ginger, tomatoes, green chilli and fresh coriander, finished with lemon juice.
Pickup: $15.90 | Delivery: $18.90
Pindi Chana
Popular and tangy dish combining chickpeas and potatoes cooked in authentic Punjab spices. it will remind you of Indian roadside dhaba food.
Pickup: $17.90 | Delivery: $20.90
Bhindi Do Piaza (Med)
Garden fresh okra simmered with sautéed onions, tomatoes and fresh ginger. A popular North Indian dish.
Pickup: $19.90 | Delivery: $22.90
Shahi Baingan (Mild) (D) (N)
Traditional eggplant cooked in a rich sauce combining tomatoes, cashew nuts and dried fruits. extremely healthy dish!
Pickup: $19.90 | Delivery: $22.90
Malai Kofta (Mild) (D) (G) (N)
Low calorie recipe of homemade cottage cheese and potato dumplings cooked in a rich cashewnut sauce.
Pickup: $21.90 | Delivery: $24.90
Saag Paneer (Med) (D)
Saag paneer is a classic Indian dish. Homemade cheese gently simmered in a creamy spinach sauce infused with fragrant Indian spices it's a hearty & filling vegetarian meal.
Pickup: $20.90 | Delivery: $23.90
Kadai Paneer (Med) (D)
Kadai paneer is a simple yet amazingly flavorful paneer (home made) dish made by cooking paneer and chargrilled capsicums, onion with fresh ground spices known as kadai masala.
Pickup: $20.90 | Delivery: $23.90
Aloo Gobhi (Med)
Cauliflower and diced potatoes tossed with fennel, fresh green chillies, ginger and a dash of lime.
Pickup: $19.90 | Delivery: $22.90
Paneer Butter Masala (Mild) (D) (N)
Delicious Punjabi dish of lightly fried cottage cheese combined with garlic, ginger, and tomatoes, finished in a creamy sauce.
Pickup: $20.90 | Delivery: $23.90
Patiala Bangan
Baby eggplant diced potatoes cooked Punjabi style.
$ 22.90

Rice/House Special Biryani

Kashmiri Pulao (N) (for two $9.90)
Long grain basmati rice tossed with clarified butter, dried fruits and nuts.
Pickup: $7.90 | Delivery: $9.90
Goat/Lamb Biryani (Med) (D)
Long grain scented basmati rice and meat of your choice flavoured with special spices/herbs.
Pickup: $24.90 | Delivery: $28.90
Chicken/Beef Biryani (Med) (D)
Layers of chicken and aromatic basmati rice, cooked with special herbs and spices.
Pickup: $24.90 | Delivery: $28.90
Vegetable Biryani (Med) (D)
Basmati rice combined with fresh vegetables, flavoured with special spices and herbs.
Pickup: $20.90 | Delivery: $24.90
Plain Basmati Rice (Per Person)
Steamed long grain basmati rice.
Pickup: $3.00 | Delivery: $3.50

Breads From The Tandoor

Roti (G)
Wholemeal floured bread.
Pickup: $3.00 | Delivery: $3.50
Naan (G)
Soft, fine floured Indian buttered bread.
Pickup: $3.50 | Delivery: $4.50
Garlic Naan (G)
Plain flour bread topped with garlic.
Pickup: $4.00 | Delivery: $5.00
Butter Naan (G)
Freshly tandoored naan smothered with butter.
Pickup: $4.50 | Delivery: $6.00
Pudina Lacha Paratha (G)
Layered wholemeal, mint-flavoured bread topped with buttered bread.
Pickup: $5.00 | Delivery: $6.00
Vegetable Paratha (G)
Layered wholemeal bread filled with onions, peas and potatoes.
Pickup: $5.00 | Delivery: $6.00
Peshawari Naan (G)
Delicious naan filled with dried fruits, coconut and nuts.
Pickup: $4.50 | Delivery: $6.50
Cheese Naan (G) (D)
Plain flour bread topped with butter and filled with melted cheese.
Pickup: $4.50 | Delivery: $6.50
Cheese & Garlic Naan (G) (D)
Plain flour bread topped with butter, garlic and filled with melted cheese.
Pickup: $5.50 | Delivery: $7.00
Keema Naan (G)
Naan filled with spiced mince lamb.
Pickup: $5.50 | Delivery: $6.50

Side Dishes

Cucumber Raita (D)
Pickup: $3.00 | Delivery: $3.00
Masala Pappadums
Pickup: $5.90 | Delivery: $6.90
Mango Chutney
Pickup: $3.00 | Delivery: $3.00
Tomato Onion
Pickup: $3.00 | Delivery: $3.00
Mixed Pickle
Pickup: $3.00 | Delivery: $3.00
Platter of Any Four
Pickup: $8.90 | Delivery: $8.90
Green Salad
Pickup: $5.90 | Delivery: $6.90
Onion Salad
Pickup: $4.90 | Delivery: $4.90
Pappadums topped
With tomato special onion salad, chillies.
Pickup: $4.90 | Delivery: $4.90
Pappadums with Mint
Pickup: $4.00 | Delivery: $4.50

Banquets (Minimum 3 Persons)

All banquets are served with rice, naan, pappadums & side dishes.

Budget Meal (per person)
Consists of vegetable samosa, butter chicken, dal & aloo gobi.
Pickup: $36.90 | Delivery: $42.90
House Special (per person)
Consists of mixed entrees, butter chicken, rogan josh, dal & aloo gobi.
Pickup: $40.90 | Delivery: $45.90
Seafood (per person)
Consists of four entrees & four main curries including seafood.
Pickup: $45.90 | Delivery: $50.90
Last Train To Bombay (per person)
Mini masala dosa, murgh malai, palak ke kebab, butter chicken, rogan josh, aloo gobi & dal.
Pickup: $37.90 | Delivery: $43.90
Special Lunch Banquet (Pick Up Only Lunch)
Starters - pappadums, samosas
Main – butter chicken, aloo gobi, dal makhani, rice & bread.
Pickup: $23.90


Gulab Jamun
Reduced milk dumplings served in a rose water flavoured syrup with green cardamom.
Pickup: $5.90 | Delivery: $7.90
Pista Kulfi
A traditional homemade Indian ice cream with crushed pistachio.
Pickup: $5.90 | Delivery: $7.90
Gajar Ka Halwa
Cooked carrots puddings in milk with dry fruits and nuts.
Pickup: $7.90 | Delivery: $9.90
Mango Kulfi
A traditional homemade mango flavoured indian ice cream.
Pickup: $5.90 | Delivery: $7.90
Sweet cottage cheese dumplings flavoured with saffron and green cardamom.
Pickup: $6.90 | Delivery: $8.90
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