Traveling around the world and tasting the food has always been a passion for Ritika and this turned her into a full-time food blogger few years back. After coming back to Sydney in her now parental home, she looked for best Indian restaurant in North Shore and ordered her favorite ‘kormas’ to satiate the Indian inside.

While the food has to be arrived in an hour, she just flipped back in memories while looking outside the window. Remembering the streets of Mumbai and home of maternal grandma gave a sense of street food smell to her senses. As she visited to her last year, her grandma cooked ‘aaloo tikkis’ in authentic desi style with addition of spices that was from generation in the family.

These thoughts were all running and she began to think which is the best Indian food catering near me so as to keep her mom’s upcoming birthday party food uptight this time while falling back in memories of grandma style. After looking at some of the most amazing options, she selected her best and rewinded the Mumbai times once again. Food arrived, she ate all in slurrp, while thinking about Indian starters.

Chaats and India had a perfect combination since time unknown. And all she could do once again opened her laptop, took a sign, looked for Indian Chaat restaurant in crows nest and fell for Grandma’s old recipes. Though Ma had always been a great cook but what was special about her was the legacy, which she of course passed to Ritika’s mom as well.

Diving deep in her thoughts:

Even when Grandma used to touch a pot of chicken curry with her hands, the magic was done. Adding big cardamom, star anise, black pepper, cumin in perfect proportion turned the taste upside down. When it was turn to make something specially for her granddaughter, her eyes used to shine like a star and dining table was full of her favorites. Almost to the mark of her family recipes, the best Indian restaurant in North shore could provide Ritika with such a lip-smacking taste. No wonder why Ritika was crazy for these restaurants as well.

Set for Party!

Now that Ritika was home for her mom’s birthday, she was fondly searching great banquet halls. This time it had to be a bash. But she knew that this legacy of recipes were in her blood too, so what was needed to get the meals customized in traditional family way. She called the ones in the listicle of best Indian food catering near me and explained the situation.

It was set! Happy chefs were eager to learn the phenomenon of family traditions and followed the way Ritika wanted to surprise her mom. Guess what? Grandma was also catching her flight soon! Chaat restaurant in crows nest were given separate orders and instructions for their special ‘Chhola chaat’, ‘Papdi chaat’, Rajkachori’ and it was all a wow!

Imagine what did the guests say? They were in awe with such a food, delicious chaats and homemade lemonade in which Ritika’s grandma added her own magic. Yes, yes, mom’s dress was also adored, but after all food is for generations and goes for all.

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