While you search for Indian chaat restaurant in crows nest, you also wonder the calories, fried tikkis, extra spices and at last, the health affairs. Keeping all these things in mind doesn’t give the pleasure of tasting as much as it should have been.

So, to kill that guilt right then and there, we are opening up the box of spices that creates a magic not just for taste buds and aroma but also for health to keep the heart, mind and soul happy. And next time, whenever you search dishes from Indian takeaway menu, be brave and feel alive with classy age old spices.

Turmeric: Known for giving golden yellow color to all the dishes it has been added into, turmeric is also a natural cure to save the consumers from many bodily issues. Even any best fine dining restaurant in Sydney would not miss its use in their preparations. It is so as it keeps the stomach healthy and fit while saving from intestinal gas, boating, pain or diarrhea. Not just this, to stop the spread of infection, wound cuts are covered with turmeric.

Clove: Whether you choose dishes from Indian takeaway menu or from a hi-fi restaurant, clove is an essential ingredient in curries, rice and lentils. Having a special taste, it acts as a antibacterial and antioxidant for the body. Apart from consuming it in food, clove can be used to cure toothache, bronchitis and helps in great digestion, if used in raw form.

Cinnamon: People when choose best fine dining restaurant in Sydney, they are sure of having aromatic spices including cinnamon, which is beautiful in its essence. For all those who are at risk of heart disease or have complaints of lower blood sugar level, this spice is a magic on its own. Great for skin diseases as well, cinnamon is almost healthiest spice on this planet.

Cardamom: Visit any Indian chaat restaurant in crows nest and order a masala tea, a smell of cardamom comes appreciably handy. Cardamom is added not only in tea but also in almost many Indian curries, chaats, biryani and sweet dishes giving the taste a complete flip. Want to learn benefits? Get your digestion problems tackled with it at one end and stay away from constipation, appetite loss, liver problems with its addition in food.

Black Pepper: Known since the times of Ayurveda, black pepper is a wonderful spice as well as medicine at the same time. It can interestingly keep the food fresh for longer time due to antimicrobial properties, rich in vitamins, enhances nutrient absorption and prevents intestinal gas production.

No matter what, these spices can be kept and saved in a magic box for life, considering its taste and health benefits, all at one time. Pick any spice and prepare any dish, your guests at home will be happy with the preparation in the end. Being in India or in Australia or any part of the world, these spices could be found everywhere, making your food yummiest.

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