Indian – whether they are settled in Sydney or anywhere in Australia permanently, studying or working there or on their tourist visa for some day, are found missing the real taste of street food from roadside stalls – mainly Chaat – the spicy, crispy and freshly prepared food items. They look for something hot, spicy and different that can fire the appetite with aromas to awaken the senses. In order to fulfill their desire to get the real taste of street food or road side stalls, they often search for the best rated Indian restaurants in Sydney and different parts of Australia. You can see both men and women from all walks of life gather around roadside stalls in India to quench their hunger for something spicy, tasty and fresh. Chaat dishes are mixed with tamarind juice, which does wonders for your health. It’s very popular amongst women in general and especially expectant mothers.

Top Rated Indian Chaat Restaurants in Crows Nest

Crows Nest, a beautiful suburb on the lower North Shore of Sydney (New South Wales), can be best destination to serve you a variety of Chaat. Whether you are planning to enjoy weekend here or living here, fresh, pure and spicy Chaat varieties are available for you from Bombay ki Sadko Se. You can find Indian Chaat restaurant in Crows Nest where the real taste from India is served to make your desired fulfilled for something spicy, aromatic, pure and delicious. Some of the popular Chaats that you can taste in the best rated Indian restaurant in Australia include, but not limited to:

Papri Chaat – Palak

It is one of the most popular Chaat dishes, combining lightly fried battered spinach – combined with potatoes and chickpeas in a refreshing yogurt sauce. Papri Chaat – Palak will surely persuade you to take one more plate.

Gol Goppa

Being one of the popular street foods in India with its remarkable presence worldwide, Gol Gappas are delicious crispy mini-sized Pooris (hollow bread shells) filled with potatoes and Chole (spicy chick peas). They are served with spiced water. Taste of this India Chaat cannot be compared with anything.

Pani Puri Chaat

They are tasty mini crispy Pooris (hollow bread shells) with spicy mint, diced potatoes, beans and tamarind sauce.

There are other options too that will surely enhance your experience and fulfil your desire of what you are missing for a long time at the top Indian Chaat restaurant in Crows Nest.

Choice is yours; you can enjoy your favourite Chaat in the restaurant or reap benefits of “Take Home Delivery”. You can get your tempting dishes delivered at your doorstep on time. Prices are competitive; while attractive discounts are also offered.

So, what you are looking for, visit the top Indian Chaat restaurant in Crows Nest and enjoy the real taste from India.

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